The sky is no longer the limit for Poppies franchisees

On the weekend of the 23rd-25th September, York Racecourse played host to the ever popular ‘Yorkshire Balloon Fiesta’. A crowd of 55,000, spectators watched on as over 50 hot air balloons of all shapes and sizes were lifted over the picturesque Yorkshire landscape. One hot air balloon in particular caught the eye of the franchise world, as domestic cleaning franchise, Poppies, joined the festivities. Six Poppies franchisees came together to witness the unique display of the company’s striking branding become a part of the impressive sight.

Underscoring the spectacle were live music acts such as Craig Charles, Scouting for Girls and Boyzlife, who all contributed to an excellent weekend for Poppies franchisees, who took the opportunity to catch up, collaborate and share ideas before moving into the last quarter of the year.

“What a fantastic weekend to be a Poppies franchisee,” said Nicola Marinan, franchise owner for Poppies Durham. “Having the chance to enjoy the Yorkshire Balloon Fiesta with my Poppies family was such a valuable experience – for both business and pleasure! It was such a magical sight seeing all the balloons inflated, and it was only topped off by seeing our brand contribute to the spectacle. Sharing this moment with my fellow franchisees gave me the courage to take my very first balloon flight, which was truly breath-taking and it’s something I will cherish forever.”

“It’s great to know we can work hard and play hard as Poppies franchisees. It was a well-deserved, relaxing weekend which makes our work feel all the more appreciated. Sharing this experience with others in the network was so worthwhile, and I’m very proud to be a part of a franchise that champions such dedicated and driven individuals… A great catch up and sharing of ideas in an informal, relaxed weekend,” added Nigel Bayliss, franchisee of Poppies Sheffield.  

Using the opportunity to build comradery across the Poppies network, the Yorkshire Balloon Fiesta also gave franchisees the chance to take flight together, suspended 1,000 feet in the air. Franchisee of Poppies Leeds North West, Dan Reid pushed himself to overcome his phobia of heights by using the incredible support network around him. He explained, “It was an excellent weekend away with a number of franchisees.  Not only was it a great networking opportunity to share learnings from the different Poppies businesses, but it was also a really fun weekend flying up in the Poppies Hot Air Balloon. It certainly pushed my fear of heights too!”

Capitalising on an enriching and rewarding opportunity has become synonymous with being a part of the Poppies network. Continuing to give entrepreneurs a true sense of achievement, franchisees are given the freedom to work for themselves while being supported by a network of like-minded business owners. Like the weekend shared at the Yorkshire Balloon Fiesta, franchisees are regularly encouraged to take opportunities to collaborate and work as a part of a team in an enjoyable environment.

“It was great to meet fellow franchise owners and enjoy such a great experience together, and to see such creative marketing at play in a franchise that I’m so dedicated to. I’m incredibly proud to be a Poppies franchisee, and this weekend has shown us that the sky doesn’t have to be the limit,” concluded Edden Jones of Poppies York.

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