Strength in unity

More than ever, franchise brands in all industries are setting the incredibly high standards that are required of businesses to succeed today. While all franchise brands are different in nature, fundamentally, they share one vital characteristic: unity. It has never been so apparent to both consumers and franchisees that real strength in business comes from unity and sharing goals with likeminded, equally passionate people. While entrepreneurs have often believed that it is the ‘road less travelled’ that wins the race, it is the security, trustworthiness and familiarity of reputable franchise brands that consumers desire amid economic unrest. Here, Managing Director of domestic cleaning franchise, Chris Wootton, discusses the importance of unity in an industry that has become an essential service for many households following the pandemic.

With a predicted recession on the horizon, the cleaning industry is one sector that is set to continue flourishing and is more in demand than ever. Cleaning franchises are the prime example of a service provider that, in recent years, have gone from being a privilege for a few to an indispensable service as many people are still concerned about the safety and sanitisation of their homes. Such is the nature of franchising; as more driven, creative entrepreneurs join the franchise industry, services are stepping up and setting the bar higher as consumers learn the vital importance of what franchise brands offer them. Whether it is the cleaning sector, education, HR, or any other sector in which franchising demonstrates its value, unified networks and shared expertise enable franchise brands to go from strength to strength.

It is not just the brand and service itself that prospective franchisees and customers evaluate today. Franchises that have become ‘pandemic proof’ over the last two years are more likely to win business due to their proven resilience. Buzzwords and phrases such as ‘pandemic proof’ and ‘recession resistant’ are no longer abstract concepts, but are very real considerations when selecting what franchise brand to invest time and money in. Today, service providers such as cleaning franchises set the standards for industries and are primed to stand the test of time. And it is not just the concept itself, it is years of development and growth across a network that has enabled brands to maintain their importance to their customers.

With the world becoming increasingly concerned over economic stability, cleaning service providers continue to withstand any fallout from these issues with their service being more important to society for generations. On the ground, franchisees equally see the importance of strength in unity, with brands working to meet the developing demands and needs of the many people they serve.

“I’ve had the privilege of serving my community for 20 years and have absolutely seen how much things have changed in that time,” says Paula Sidwells, franchisee of Poppies Mercia. “Cleaning franchises are an example of how the wider franchise industry evolves to appeal to changing perceptions, as our service has a very different perception to how it looked before the pandemic. Free time is important – having a franchise brand offer its expert services in any context isn’t just a luxury, it’s essential. In the cleaning sector we even say we’ve become the fourth emergency service!”

While entrepreneurs begin second-guessing the viability of investing in a franchise, there in fact has never been a better time to join an industry that is driven by helping franchisees build a valuable and in-demand service. Franchise brands are in a constant state of evolution to meet the changing perceptions and demands of customers, and we are constantly finding new ways to stay relevant and at the forefront of our customers’ minds. Thanks to this, in a period of panic and uncertainty for businesses across all industries around the UK, prospects can still forge a successful career in the security of the franchise world.

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