The Domestic Cleaning Sector

The domestic cleaning industry in the United Kingdom earned revenue in excess of £4.7 billion in 2012 according to figures collected by the Office of National Statistics.  That market grew by a further 25% in the 5 years to 2017 we are told by research by Esure.

There is no doubt that Cleaning nowadays is big business, involving many aspects of professionalism.  Regardless of whether it is domestic cleaning services, end of tenancy or commercial cleaning keeping a property clean is essential for many reasons, not limited to human health and the prevention of diseases, to maintain the value of the property and to enhance the pleasure in living or working in the house or office.

The cleaning industry as a whole has become a big sector in today’s modern economy and has created good employment opportunities for many workers.  The cleaning industry is responsible for employing more than four hundred and fifty thousand people today as per figures provided by the Cleaning and Support Services Association.


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History of Domestic Cleaning

People have always hired domestic cleaners throughout the ages in one form or another. If we chart the course of the growth of the domestic cleaners in the United Kingdom, then the World Wars of the twentieth century are a big landmark that revolutionised the cleaning industry. The Second World War particularly changed the very way domestic cleaning service industry began to function in this country. After 1945, the number of middle class and upper-class families grew and the domestic cleaning service industry expanded because these were the classes who typically employed domestic staff for the purpose of cleaning their houses.

Before the turn of the twentieth century, ladies of the house were not expected to cook, wash clothes and iron them, clean carpets and floors, dust, polish or carry out all other requirements that were essential to run a house. Therefore, domestic cleaners were always in demand. After 1918, more than a couple of million people went into service and a large majority of this number was women. They took over jobs that were previously done only by men.

Attitudes towards the cleaning industry changed drastically in the latter half of the twentieth century; people started to become more relaxed about the housework they had to carry out, particularly since the housewives could not cope with the running of homes. By late nineteen-seventies, businesses grew that offered packages of domestic cleaning services. More households began to have their adult members going out to work. People started to live longer as lifespans extended.


Domestic Cleaning Services
Poppies Domestic Cleaning Services

Cleaning businesses and domestic cleaning service providers began to flourish. Cleaning business started to develop into national and international franchises. People who started hiring domestic help considered it to be a necessity of modern living and several working-class families started taking advantage of cleaning services.

Today, the cleaning industry is witnessing an era that offers a great opportunity and equality for all. There is the pride of work. Cleaners are now not looked upon in a way they might have been a couple of hundreds of years ago. Today, there is no `Upstairs Downstairs’ separation in society. Regardless of their class position, everyone understands thoroughly the complexities of running homes.

Many families don’t have time to clean their own homes and they appreciate the value of services that are being offered by the domestic cleaning service providers. Nothing could be better after a hard and long day at work to come back to a clean and tidy home. Even if this process costs them some money, they are comfortable with it because the price is forgotten and the quality of work and peace of mind remains.

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