An affordable way to build a lucrative cleaning business

A low capital outlay with a high potential upside


The total investment required to start your cleaning business with Poppies is approximately £23,000 +VAT – this figure also takes into account the working capital you will need as you establish the business.

Thanks to the success of our franchisees over the years, we boast excellent working relationships with high street lenders should you require help to secure funding for your franchise. That means you can get started with as little as £8,250 liquid capital, subject to your status and financial history.

In return, you will:

  • Become the exclusive owner of a large Poppies operational territory
  • Get our assistance in creating a detailed business plan, including a schedule to scale from a home office to established premises without requiring additional finance
  • Receive everything you need to start your new business, including ongoing training and support to help ensure you thrive from day one

Potential returns

Freedom, flexibility and the opportunity for phenomenal financial rewards are what you can expect as a Poppies business owner.

Once established, you will have the potential to build a lucrative cleaning business which can generate:

Within 10 years, it is possible you could grow and sell your business and make over £1m in profit in that time.

Full insight into the financials of the franchise will be shared with serious potential franchisees as part of their research into the business opportunity.

But for many people, time is every bit as valuable as money – and running your own business gives you the freedom to create a fantastic work-life balance.

All figures are based on actual examples within the network and are published as an indicative guide. The performance of any business cannot be guaranteed and is dependent on a range of factors.

Rob Piper Poppies franchise

“I would recommend a Poppies franchise to anyone.

“The abundance of expertise, commitment and devotion in the brand and the network is enough to put anyone’s mind at rest about investing. It’s such a rewarding business and I love being able to make a difference in people’s lives. This business makes an impact and I’m incredibly proud to be a part of the Poppies family.”

Rob Piper, Poppies Liverpool