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Poppies Domestic Cleaning Services

Put yourself in control of your income, your career and your future

Domestic cleaning services have never been so in demand. Between work, family and friends, we’re all leading busier, more connected lives than ever before. Keeping our home in order takes time, and that’s something we’d all like more of.

That means there’s a huge opportunity for ambitious people with the vision, determination and passion to lead a team to deliver the best customer service in their area.

If that sounds like you, Poppies can guide in turning your ambition into a thriving business that’s both personally and financially rewarding, with the potential for £100,000+ annual profits and a lifestyle of your choosing.


Domestic Cleaning Services

Regular, recurring income streams

Cash flow positive business model

Established and trusted brand

Build an asset to sell in the future

" Redundancy threw my life into chaos. I felt safe. Then it was all taken away so quickly. I didn’t want that to happen to me again so I had to find something that would offer me much more security. Poppies gives me exactly that and more – freedom, flexibility and the satisfaction of providing a great service and supporting my local community. It was, quite simply, the right thing to do! "

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