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Become a Poppies franchisee and decide what you want to earn

What you earn is down to you

A lot of the best things in life start with a chat, including joining Poppies. If your area is available, you could be a couple of months away from starting your own successful business. Request an information pack to access the full financial model.

Our definition of a franchisee is different. Those who have invested in a Poppies franchise are business owners with the freedom to make their own decisions. But they’re still fully supported by our systems, a team of experts and proven marketing methods.

Freedom, flexibility and the opportunity for phenomenal financial rewards are what you can expect as a Poppies business owner. Once established, you will have the potential to build a lucrative cleaning business which can generate:

£ 0 k+

Annual sales

£ 0 k+

Annual earnings

£ 0 k+

Asset value when you’re ready to sell

Poppies MD Chris Wootton provides personal training and support

“We tailor our training to each of our franchise partners.

“This way we recognise each person’s needs, transferable skills, and the things they bring to the business.”

Chris Wootton, Poppies Managing Director

Within 10 years, it is possible you could grow and sell your business and make over £1m in profit in that time.

In this day and age, the only people who KNOW they are financially secure are those that are in control of their own destiny – for example, those that have operated this business model that has achieved millions of pounds worth of sales.

With over 40 years of experience operating this business model, we can show you exactly what your costs will be and provide you follow everything we share with you exactly what your net profits will be.

As a franchisee, you can access proven marketing strategies to fast-track your business’s growth. 

Uncapped earning available – Unlike being an employee, there’s no cap on the money you can earn as a Poppies business owner. Many of our management franchisees earn more than £100,000 each year.

75% of Poppies Franchisees have been with us for more than 10 years.

Premium Fees Achievable – You’ll decide how much you’ll charge your customers but combined with our low-cost, fixed franchise fees you can get far bigger earnings and fewer outgoings than you would with other cleaning-related franchises.

Remember you are in charge to operate this business at a time to suit you and your lifestyle. What you earn will be down to multiple factors, including your desire, dedication and effort. All we ask is that you work hard, follow all advice shared and achieve a level of income that fulfils both our expectations.

For a full earnings model simply complete the form below and we will send one over to you so you can consider all your ongoing costs and your projected net profits. 6 Figure earnings are available with our management franchise. 6 figures earnings are based on examples within the network and are published as an indicative guide.

*The performance of any business cannot be guaranteed and is dependent on a range of factors.

There is a stack of information in our Information Pack that can answer all of your questions regarding life running your very own cleaning business.

Rob Piper Poppies franchise

“I would recommend a Poppies franchise to anyone.”

“The abundance of expertise, commitment and devotion in the brand and the network is enough to put anyone’s mind at rest about investing. It’s such a rewarding business, and I love being able to make a difference in people’s lives. This business makes an impact, and I’m incredibly proud to be a part of the Poppies family.”

Rob Piper, Poppies Liverpool

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