What Is Included

Training and support is aligned to you to provide you with the best opportunity for success

High Achievers don’t get there by accident. They follow a proven business model stretching 40 years using cutting-edge business growth tools that are provided to every Poppies new franchise partner.

The KEY Elements and Points of Difference that make this opportunity the MOST unique are:

1. LOW Initial Set Up

Who wants to pay Thirty or Forty thousand pounds for a business when you can pay so much less than that?

This business offers a ridiculously low initial franchise cost when you consider the profit margins available.

2. LOW Ongoing Financial Risk

Most businesses die because they cannot make a profit, never mind breaking even each month. With this business model, we can show you how to make 6 figure turnover in the first 18 months and achieve 40% gross profit.

3. QUICK BEP (Break Even Point)

Many businesses never actually return the initial out lay returned for buying into the opportunity in the first place.

With this business opportunity, you can have broke even within the first 6 months.

4. Demand

The marketplace is massive and growing all the time, it is huge, and you can attract clients from all over your territory.

It is a billion-pound industry, and you have the branding and backing of industry recognised leading cleaning company to enhance and build your credibility.

5. Limited Stock

The only stock you need is cleaning supplies for staff, you don’t need to hold tens of thousands of pounds of stock eating up your cash to operate this business.

6. No Premises or Leases

You run it from your computer at home or, in fact, from anywhere you want as long as you have access to a stable internet connection with a good broadband speed…It is that flexible. You can if you want to add a shop front to your business at a time to suit your growth, the decision is yours.

7. Ongoing Income Streams

This business model creates repeat business and residual earnings, ensuring your earnings are not related to day-to-day activities. The customers you find today will continue to use your time and time again, providing you deliver a high-quality cleaning service and creating ongoing residual earnings for you.

8. Track Record

The brand and service have been around for over 40 years, the business has already proved it works many times over for its network of franchisees, so the new franchisee is using a business model that works and is proven.

9. USP

Cutting-edge back-end technology and high-quality cleaning service provide a truly amazing customer experience setting us above our competition and creating a USP you can be proud of being part of. Our unique approach to marketing allows your business to achieve FAST growth – all you need to do is follow it.

10. Respectable and Credible Service and Brand

If you do not have this, you are pushing SNOW uphill from the start, let’s face it you want to represent a growing franchise brand with progressive products that support national marketing opportunities while creating an ongoing business that builds revenues and resale value for you and your family, you MUST find a respectable and credible product and brand.

These are the magic ingredients that offer up not just a formula for success ….but an actual recipe for success…


The Poppies franchise offers all of the points listed…..If you are not interested in this business, that is OK….but make sure what you are interested in does incorporate as many of these as possible …you may even get lucky and find the set…who knows…. or you can take the time to read this section again….. and think carefully about what this opportunity really does offer you…..


We believe it to be the best cleaning business opportunity on the market today that includes not only everything that makes us stand out from the crowd but also the following essential business tools for you to succeed.

"If you’re considering Poppies, do it! It’s a brilliant journey and a fantastic opportunity for people from all walks of life.

“Coming into an existing company and not starting from scratch took a little bit of pressure off. The foundations had been built, so it was just up to me to continue with that legacy. The training – where you learn ‘The Poppies Way’ gave me what I needed to hit the ground running, and I was really eager to start!”

Nicola Martin,

Durham Constabulary


What We Offer You

Exclusive Territory

Your area (if it’s still available) becomes yours and only yours. This gives you space and scale to grow your business locally. And it means franchisees aren’t in competition with each other.

Flexible Working Hours

A Poppies franchise is your business, meaning you set the hours you work and balance professional goals with personal ambitions.

Leading Premium Service

As a premium cleaning service that goes the extra mile, we share the Poppies ethos with you and train you on how to deliver the values that have allowed us to gain a huge market share for the last 40 years.

Premium Fees Achievable

You’ll decide how much you’ll charge your customers but combined with our low-cost, fixed franchise fees, you can get far bigger earnings and fewer outgoings than you would with other cleaning franchises.

Proven Marketing Plan

Our Fast Growth Marketing Machine is proven to work. Millions of pounds worth of fees have been generated for our franchisees’ thanks to our lead-generating expertise.

Uncapped Earnings

Unlike being an employee, there’s no cap on the money you can earn as a Poppies business owner. Many of our franchisees earn more than £100,000 each year. 

Poppies Is A Proven Business Model

Once you are established in your area, you’ll enjoy a continuous flow of income from your cleaning clients Plus, the following benefits…

Fast-track Growth

Use a recognised brand, proven marketing and lead generation tools, and ongoing sales support. All backed by our unique zero-risk guarantee.

Learn From Our Mistakes

Our tried and tested processes allow franchisees to jump-start their businesses. We provide a proven business and operational training platform that packs all our knowledge, tips, and tricks into comprehensible courses that allow entrepreneurs to skip the years of mistakes that we have gone through.

Speed And Scalability

We provide the necessary technical, business and marketing support from HQ to enable franchisees to focus on what really matters – growing successful businesses.


Benefit from a strong support network. Every franchisee becomes a member of an active network of entrepreneurs who mentor and help each other succeed through online chats, meet-ups or regular calls.

Rob Piper Poppies franchise

“I would recommend a Poppies franchise to anyone.

“The abundance of expertise, commitment and devotion in the brand and the network is enough to put anyone’s mind at rest about investing. It’s such a rewarding business and I love being able to make a difference in people’s lives. This business makes an impact and I’m incredibly proud to be a part of the Poppies family.”

Rob Piper, Poppies Liverpool

Ongoing Support For Development Includes:

Marketing Power

We’ll take the stress out of your launch by sharing our innovative, proven and powerful marketing strategies.

Local PR

We will share with you all the latest top tips on how to generate local PR in your area. This can be a great way for FREE advertising.

Lead Generation

A fully managed social media and SEO campaign to promote your business online and generate your leads.

Staff Recruitment

We’ll share how to find – and retain – the right people to uphold Poppies’ quality standards.

Speciliast Support

Whether it’s HR, legal, tax or VAT advice, a dedicated 24/7 helpline provides expert advice.

System Success

Enjoy our comprehensive tech stack – including full IT setup, a Poppies app and bespoke software.

"The programme was comprehensive and gave me all the tools I would need to get me started once I launched.

“As part of my training, I spent time with a number of existing Poppies. I was aware that, as a franchisee, I would receive training and support but in reality, what I experienced was beyond what I’d ever imagined. I was 100% positive that I’d made the right decision.”

Simon West, Poppies Chesterfield & Mansfield

Poppies Training Academy

Further to in-person onboarding training and getting hands-on inside an existing franchise, you will also gain full access to the Poppies Training Academy. This online portal boasts many different modules designed to meet your changing needs as you develop the business.

In your first 12-18 months in business, your training is typically focused on the operations side of things: how to recruit new members of staff, attract new customers, schedule work and pricing jobs.

Everything is designed to keep pushing you forward to reach and exceed your goals.

"There’s always support with Poppies. You just have to call somebody and they will tell you how they dealt with the same situation. That support mechanism and backup is really handy and really useful.”

Nicola Marinan, Poppies Durham

We believe that what you receive is the most comprehensive set of business tools available in the franchise market today, and it’s all yours as part of the franchise.

Everything available here has been carefully selected to ensure you have the all know you need to grow a successful cleaning business. The business model has worked time and time again, proven by 75% of our franchisees has been with us for over 10 years or more.

Franchise Success Stories

Find our more about our existing franchisees.
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Kate and Lee Ellams required more flexibility
How did Poppies provide this for them?

Nicola Marinan was fed up with employed life
Poppies  provided her with an opportunity of a lifetime

Kate is the third owner of Poppies Farnborough, having bought the business from her Mother when she felt ready to retire.

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