Meet Poppies Franchisees

People just like you who have successfully built a Poppies business

Get to know some of the Poppies family by watching and reading their stories below. Should you decide on setting up your own franchise, you will also get to know Poppies’ franchisees much better, courtesy of our successful buddy programme and the flourishing Poppies support network.

Andrew Wishart, Poppies North

“The fact that you’re coming into a franchise means you’ve got the support there already from the network. We’ve gone through foot and mouth, recessions, COVID, and we’re still going, protecting our staff and lifestyle. It’s a very robust model.”

Rob Piper, Poppies Liverpool

“Poppies has helped me develop new skills that I never had before. But the thing about Poppies is that you are making a difference to people’s lives – it seemed to me there was very little chance I could fail with the support I would have. I’m here over 10 years later, so I obviously made a good decision!”

Nicola Marinan, Poppies Durham

“It was a big learning curve, but it was good because with Poppies there is always support there for you. You just have to call somebody and they will tell you how they dealt with the same situation. That support mechanism and backup is really handy and really useful.”

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