Poppies Owner Operator

Owner Operator versus Management Franchise

Traditionally Poppies operates as a Management Franchise. The role of a Franchisee when operating a Management Franchise is to find cleaners and match cleaners to clients to meet your clients’ needs. In this model the franchisees do not provide the cleaning themselves. This business model requires strong people skills as mostly your time is spent recruiting and managing staff as well as driving the business forward through sales and marketing. 

Our more recent Owner Operator franchise is for people who are looking at delivering a some of the cleaning themselves, meaning if you take this path, a large part of your role is to clean clients homes. This franchise suits people who are looking for a smaller business operation without managing large teams of staff, while still earn a great income.

Poppies Owner Operator suits someone looking:

– to be hands on delivering the cleaning service

– operate a smaller business (initially, or permanently)

– start small and scale up to a management franchise in the future

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Domestic cleaning franchise with 40 years of heritage

Over 40 years of success in business

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Industry-leading training and support

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Control an exclusive territory

Training and support on recruiting for your Poppies franchise

An affordable franchise investment

Work Hours That Suit You

As a business owner you can choose to work the hours that suit you. This maybe school hours, or it could be mornings and weekends. 

As a Owner Operator Franchisee, will show you how, with you providing just 25 hours of cleaning, you could generate between £42,000 – £59,000 in Year 1.

This is your opportunity to work the hours that suit you, generating a great income for now, while growing a business for the future.

Poppies have been around since 1980 and many of our franchisee have operated their businesses for over 10 years. The great thing is that as your life changes, your Poppies business can adapt with you.

Great Earning Potential

Depending on how many hours you have available, operating as an Owner Operator the business could generate revenues of between £42k – £59k in Year 1 and grow to between £84k – £120k by Year 3 (if you wanted to)

As if that wasn’t enough, what’s even better is that even after paying yourself a great monthly wage your business will still have profit, so you could even take your family on holiday or treat maybe just yourself!  

In the future if you wanted to increase your revenues further,  you could scale up into a Poppies Management Franchise at a time and speed that suits you. What’s even better is that you could fund this scale up with revenue generated by the owner operator business and not dip into your savings or get a loan. 

Owner Operator Package

Just like in our Management Franchise package, we provide you with everything you need to start and grow a successful cleaning business. 

Our owner operator franchise package includes: 

  • Exclusive Territory 
  • Induction Training 
  • Optimised website within our National website 
  • SEO on your website 
  • Facebook page and launch paid campaign 
  • PPC campaign set up and launch budget 
  • Marketing Starter Pack (leaflets and uniform)
  • Cleaning Equipment Starter Pack
  • Social Media Content Management 
  • Access to all legal and operational documents
  • Operational Platform
  • Ongoing mentoring and support
  • Access to successful network of franchisees
  • and much more…. 


We generate 30 enquiries at your launch, which based on Poppies conversions and figures, could be worth over £30,000 of revenue into your business!


You could be running your own Poppies business in just a few months. Take your first step today...

Scale Up Made Easy With Poppies Franchise Opportunities
It's never been easier to start, grow and scale up a business....

Owner Operator Cleaning Franchise

£ 7,999+VAT
  • Franchisee Role to Provide Cleaning
  • Potential to Generate £59k in Year 1
  • We Provide You With 30 Enquiries
  • Full Induction Training
  • Business Set Up
  • Mentoring and Ongoing Support
  • Social Media Content Management

Domestic Cleaning Management Franchise

£ 12,999+VAT
  • Franchisee Role to Recruit Staff and Find Customers
  • Potential to Earn £100k+ a Year
  • Around £4k Spent on Your Launch Campaign
  • Full & Flexible Induction Training
  • Business Set Up
  • Mentoring and Ongoing Support
  • Full Marketing Support

Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Franchise

£ 18,999+VAT
  • Franchisee Role to Recruit Staff and Find Customers
  • Scale Up Through Bolt On Services and Commercial Cleaning
  • Around £6k Spent on Your Launch Campaign
  • Full 1 on 1 Induction Training
  • Business Set Up
  • Mentoring and Ongoing Support
  • Full Marketing Support
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