Poppies set to sparkle with remarkable growth in 2022

With the relentless challenges of 2021 now behind us, domestic cleaning franchise Poppies is already kickstarting the year with a growing optimism for the cleaning industry. Despite a third lockdown and several other pandemic setbacks last year, the 23-strong franchise network has unanimously seen a surge in demand for its professional cleaning services and has entered 2022 with a fresh scent of spring in the air.

As the new year gets underway, Managing Director, Chris Wootton, takes a moment to reflect on the last 12 months and share the trends he believes will shape and revolutionise the cleaning industry in 2022.

“As soon as 2021 began, the UK went back into a lockdown, but fortunately the Government allowed domestic cleaners to continue to work in customers’ homes. Last year was undoubtedly another challenging year for the cleaning sector, but we continued to develop and support our UK-wide franchise businesses against the odds, and both survived and thrived, thanks to our robust infrastructure and proven business model.

“I’m hugely proud of the resilience and determination that resounded from our franchisees as they pulled together for a second year and turned the situation into a positive opportunity. Demand for our cleaning services was heightened throughout the year, and I can only attribute this to our high standards for hygiene, trusted teams and the clean and sanitise procedure we introduced in May 2020 to give our customers and cleaners extra protection and reassurance in a time of uncertainty.”

With the gradual lifting of pandemic restrictions throughout the year, Poppies wiped the floor clean by ending on a high. For the third consecutive year, Poppies featured in the Elite Franchise’s Top 100 rankings. The franchise jumped up five places to be the fourth best domestic cleaning franchise in the UK and 53rd across every sector. This ranking sets the brand apart once again and is a welcome boost for the year ahead. Chris is determined that 2022 will be their best year yet.

“The cleaning industry, like any other industry, is influenced by trends, and I believe these developments will transform the cleaning industry in 2022. Cleaning and hygiene will continue to be a priority for people post-pandemic, but homeowners will also start to consider other aspects such as wellbeing, especially with concerns about chemicals in cleaning products.

“I also envisage a rise in artificial intelligence and automation in the way we operate our businesses, which will help businesses like Poppies to increase efficiency and productivity even more, and an enhanced digital presence to ensure the customer journey is as seamless as possible.

“This all creates an exciting opportunity for prospective franchisees as they search for a lucrative business venture which is full of potential.

“We are excited to embark on our next chapter of growth in 2022 and to build on the growth and success we have achieved and where we are headed. Between our committed franchisees expanding their businesses and adding new entrepreneurially minded individuals to our network, including the recent franchise in York which launched early January, we are confident for the year ahead. By enhancing the service we provide for clients and prioritising the support and innovation we give to our franchisees, we are ready for this next era of growth as we expand our UK footprint,” concluded Chris.

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